Democrats Dump Old People In Wheel Chairs Over the Cliff.

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The democrats and Obama are advocating to continue payroll tax deductions for 2012. What they don't tell you is that the taxes that's being eliminated is needed to fund social security and medicare.

Democrats believe most of the American people are stupid, and they are. Voting in democrats year after year prove that. The Obama campaign plead is for everyone to call their congressman and senator and demand the Bush payroll tax deductions be extended. This illustrates how the democrats are punishing the 60 and over bunch over the cliff at the expense of the working middle class, who pay the payroll tax used to fund social security and medicare.

The Democrats should either continue the payroll tax deductions, or eliminate the department of energy, department of education, EPA, social security, medicare, and medicaid fraud and abuse, foreign aid to Saudi Arabia, UN funding, IMF world bank funding to bail out Europe, including Germany, reduce congressmen, senators, and Obama's pay and travel expenses, and 100 other bridges to nowhere. This will allow an increase in payroll tax to make SS and MC solvent but decrease the income tax rates for the middle class considerably so that they could save more in their Roth IRA accounts. The income tax rates on the middle class working people could be reduced considerably if everyone would vote in the conservative republicans.

If I were 55 years of age or over, I would write my congressman and senator to please not eliminate payroll tax deductions needed to fund my future social security and medicare, but rather eliminate worthless bureaucracies and bureaucrats in order to prevent the Democrats from pushing us old people over the cliff.

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As an ex Boeing employee, I agree... 737, take the Obama(nation) stuff elsewhere... unless those people going over the cliff are going to be leaving behind GPX-5000's for us all to scoop up, I could care less, I come here for gold, if I want political drama, I'll turn on FAUX news.....


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