Mountain Lion

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Hi I am a new member. My son and I were driving home from dry washing at coolgardie CA and a BIG mountain lion jumped down out of a Joshua tree. The tree was right on the side of the road. It was close to sunset. This cat was really BIG. It stopped and started and was not in a hurry. Wow were we shocked. The area has thick scrub brush and lots of rabbits and coyotes. Stay alert out there.

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Thanks for the info Karlstruck. I think big cats might be a little more common in the desert areas than most of us realize. A couple of years back I was planning a deer hunting trip in the Mojave National Preserve and learned that they have mountain lions there as well. Surpised me but I guess they use a few natural springs to stay hydrated and are able to survive off of the few deer, bighorn sheep, and small game in the area.

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