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San Domingo Wash?

30 miles east.....

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Dang you Tom, I went to bed and laid there thinking about your pics. Had to get back up! I guess a structure on the Castle Creek or New River? Enjoyed ! Good Night!



Its a hair up above lake pleasant. :) Kiind of looks like something the chinese would build????

Tom H.

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Humbug area


Its a dam that the chinese built on Humbug creek. They were going to do some hydraulicing in the area where Lake pleasant is now.

Never did work out.

The flue for the dam is about 25 feet up from the bottom and carved through the rock.

There is debris in it from past flooding.

Lot more trees around these days also.

If anyone is interested in seeing it I can look the coords up for you.

You will need a 4x4 to get to it. Its off of cow creek road.

TOm H.

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  • Admin

Hey Tom,

Been to that spot many times. I have also dredged both below and above the dam back in the early 90's. Mostly small gold, just and very small pickers. However, not far in a side gulch was much bigger gold~ :ph34r: best for a detector and drywasher/vac combo.

Thanks for posting.

Rob Allison

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