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Pretty cool Tom, I think this is the Desoto Mine.At least 1 part of it.



You got it. Pic of the mine from crown king road up and the ore shoot at the mine.

Dad and I went into the mine back in the 80s.

We had hip waders on and slowly slid our foots along as we didnt know were any drop offs would be.

Once we got past the blue green water from the cyanide leaching ( I was stupid) we got back into the mine.

Its really cool and the air coming out of it would be about 75 deg. in the middle of the summer.

There was a old mine car, big headframes, a drill bit stuck in the wall I tried and tried to get out, and dad found some sweaty dynamite in a hole. We didnt even breath on

that thing!!!

I still remember seeing a shaft that went down with minecar tracks in it. It was filled with water but was crystal clear.

Made a lot of memories, took a lot of chances...had a lot of fun. :)

Tom H.

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