Notorious Kelly.

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Hey Kelly, I saw your post on Frank and was wondering where you been???

Are you going to make any of the outing?

Tom H.

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Sorry, guys. I haven't been looking at forums much and happened by on Frank's day so had to post.

Catchin up- I'm renting a place in Tucson.

Made first trip of season to Greaterville last week for an hour or so- very pretty green, flowers blooming and teeming with critters.

(NOW I know what noseeums are - still have bites around ankles) :D

I may head there again Thursday or so with rain dying out.

Spent wet & cold spring in Montana near Glacier Park. Very pretty but then weather turned hot so only got out a couple times.

Bought cargo trailer to make into house.

Lived in it couple weeks in Camp Verde, AZ - 1 minute video:

and decided I wanted to be in bigger town a bit south.

Got stuck in wash in Vail, AZ trying to bring trailer home to private land RV spot so bailed on that and rented a place while it's still so freakin hot (above 75°) ;)

I'm actually slowin down a bit & don't know if I'll make outings but love to hook up with y'all one way or another. :)

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Hey Kelly:

Glad to hear all is well with you.

Thats quite a nice "home on wheels" you have there.

Hope your getting some yellow stuff?

Taker easy.

Tom H.

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Few bullets etc in trashy wash but taking Justin's advice that trash is good and gonna keep working the area on 50-50 land.

Plus I just got one of Doc's scoop pouches; thast thing is heavy duty and the ease of use makes for digging more targets.

p.s. Plenty of pie around here so come on down! :D

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Beautiful morning at Greaterville yesterday.

Partly cloudy & light breeze.

Love Doc's new scoop pouch - knew I shoulda bought two.

I put it on my pants belt and it hangs out of the way; I want another for water bottle.

Doggy had fun running around and I cleaned up more junk.

One of these days...... :)

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When someone asks you just how are you doing with detecting just tell them that your are 'cleaning up'. I wish everyone would take the junk home it makes it better for those that follow. I know that you can't get it all out with the tons of trash deposited but every little bit helps, especially those damned boot tacks.

Old Tom

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