More on Chapter 3 Bagby

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Well I said before, Dan found a golf ball sized nugget, he was really the best dredger on the river, he was a hard worker, dredging for hours on end, his wife and his girls, kept him fed, and at the end of the season, when we would have our little party, just before everyone left for the winter, Dan, would make, 2 big pots of chilli, one that was spicy, and one that was darned hot, I couldn't eat the hot stuff, only what he called mild, Dan was pretty closed mouth about his gold finds, I only saw a little of what he had got all year. But everyone knew he had lots more.

Oner year, at the end of the season, Eddie Fay, said he knew how to cook a pig in a pit, so I took the backhoe to the back camp, My part of the stuff since I was invited to eat too. I dug a pit, to put the pig in, they got firewood up, and let it burn until it was about a foot of coalsd, and wrapped the pig in burlap, and then put a sheet of metal over it, and covered it up, let it cook all day. Well there was tater salad, beans, bread, regual salad, everything a potluck dinner should have, and then the pig! Yeh, about the pig, it cooked for around 6 hours or so, then it was dug up, ! One big charcoal bricket it was, No one could eat it, it was crunchy. Kind of disapointing, but a big laugh too. we made due, with the other stuff.

I was glad winter was finally getting to be here, my detecting time. I found stuff and explored the whole canyon all I could, I still have places, I want to go, and my mind tells me I can, now if I can just get my body to do it. I could nevr detect all the places I know of, and most if not all are a hard two -three hour walk, even for someone in very good health.

One year, just before winter and with the temps falling, the river was low, and you could still drive down it or accross it with a two wheel drive truck, a film company came in.

They wanted to shoot a WellsFargo commercial . Well Bill made a deal with them, and they moved stuff in, Booms, generator trucks, horse's a stage coach, and tents, and then made up some fony sluice boxe's and such, I got to be in the commercial, as an extra, working one of the rocker boxe's, I got three days pay 12 hours a day to be in it, and then I was security for there equipment at night, I got payed for that too. They dressed me up as a mexican miner, with a big hat, I had my own beard.

Anyway the commercial aired around Christmas that year, It was supposed to be: Bear Valley in 1851, I was center stage in the commercial, running that Rocker box. .

The next Chapter in this, #4 will be the last, I'll tell you how my hunting and detecting at Bagby went, and how it ended. Grubstake

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Guest sandtrap

Randsburg, CA.,,,has Randsburg Day, this saturday.. If in the area of this old mining area, c'mon ,,and stop by.. Most shops, antiques for sale, will be open. Off of Hwy. 395, in California, about 1 1/2 hours from San Bernardino..

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