Dad need you guys prayers, please...

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Hey Guys..

Went in with Dad today for a outpatient proceedure...He was either going to get a stent or medication to help with one of his arteries to his heart.

Once the Doc, got in there he discovered that he had 2 arteries 90% plugged, 1 at 80% plugged and two at 60% plugged.

After the shock wore off dad decided to go with a 5 way bypass. Hes scheduled for tomarow morning.

GOOD NEWS....his heart is in perfect shape. There is no damage to it.

He just needs some new plumbing.

Hes had no symptoms of anything being wrong so it took a while for it to sink in.

I would really appreciate you guys sending up a prayer for him and my family.


Tom H.

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Tom H.

If you could, tell your dad he is in my prayers.

and I had a blast meeting and talking with you guys the other day.

I'm looking forward to us getting out sometime and hunting together.

Take care Old Tom, there's still a lot of nuggets out there with your name on them.


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