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Hello All, I know that we are not to write one sided political comments and I hope this is not took as such. I am not telling anyone who to vote for. I would just like to remind people that to be able to vote, you must register. Yeah, it sounds pretty simple, but how many people do you know personally that do not vote? I was surprised the other day at work while talking to many of my fellow employees to hear that almost none of them vote.They think the issues are to complicated and do not take it upon themselves to learn the issues. Another excuse is I work for a living, I dont have time or its too late now and the good one, my vote wont help anything. Maybe not but lets at least register and allow yourself to voice your feelings in a vote.

I do not care who you vote for. We need to get talking to people and let them know how easy it is to register. We need a large turnout this time. Dont just talk, get out and do something that may count. Parents, talk to your eligible kids, do they vote? Talk to your friends that always have opinions, do they actually vote? I think you get the message. My wife and I will be voting and I hope many who read this that do not vote will sit down and think a bit. This is your right as a citizen of this country. Get out and vote, have beer party over it, make a day of it, do whatever it takes to bring family and friends together and vote. TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS

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I agree with you Ray. There is no excuse! I have voted in every election since I turned 18. Just to make it easier, my wife and I are registered as absentee so we can fill out the ballot at home and deliver them to any polling place the day of the election.

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Ray, I feel the same way.

We have to vote.

If we don't we can not complain that things are not going the right way, it's as simple as that.

We all have a stake in the country, but if you don't vote, you don't count.

I've heard all the same excuses too but these days there is just

no way to justify any of them. Get informed and vote.

That's the way the country is designed to work

and the minute you give up that right to vote you are allowing

special interests, corporations, banks, and any other lobbying group you can think of

to own your country.


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