Nice deep one

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Hey NV Chris,

Awesome find my friend. I seen a couple of your recent Youtube videos also. Don't hesitate to post them here also if you wish.

How are you liking the new NF Advantage lightweight solids? I'm using the 14-inch with good success when I'm out there.

Hope your streak continues ...

Rob Allison

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Sweet find Chris.

Tks for the videos also. It makes the itch to get back out twice as bad as just seeing a picture :angry2:

I was fortunate enought to have the same situation...I thought for sure it was a hunk of tin. But, once I got down to bedrock and started chipping I was definently rewarded! :) 1.27 oz worth.

It was a good lesson to dig all the screamers. :)

Tom H.

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Thanks Rob!

The solids are awesome, light and very stable.

It was a fantastic summer can't wait to get back to my claims and dig some more!

The last day I got 11 nuggets from a spot less then 50 square feet with 6 coming from 1 hole for 2 ozt.


The reverse signal or better known as inverted is what we love to find often there very mellow and broad at least it heralds a large deep target.

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Nice big one, nuggets close to an oz that are solid always make the reverse signal. Talk to many prospectors that only dig high lows, they are always shocked when I wave an ozer over the coil to show them. Nice one!!


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