2013 GPAA GOLD SHOW~Pomona CA~Jan 12/13

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  • 2 weeks later...

Well Chris... ol' Jim Straight here... we can chat about many things... But we seem to have

not much in common... I'm now dated and out of the loop... Many things have changed over

my lifetime...... I'm a Hoover Baby... I came with the Great Depression of the 1930's...

Now lets just talk about the upcoming Pomona GPAA gold show... There are some who

check this sub forum for information on many various things... (First: Thank You Rob for

keeping this "upcoming gold shows, outings & club events forum" going alive and strong.)

If'n you did not pay the bill and maintain it?... the answer is obvious...

So what is known about the 2013 GPAA Gold show other than it will be in Pomona in

January... Details anyone... just asking...

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Jim, You are not outdated, you have the well respected voice of experience. Even in my lifetime things certainly have changed a lot. I read the other day that many people carry in their pockets (in the form of a cell phone) more computer power than the lunar lander carried when it landed on the moon. Who would have imagined that?

I am sure the Pomona show will be a great one with lots of interesting equipment, familiar faces and fun things to do. I am sure all who attend will enjoy themselves.

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Well Mr. Reno Chris... (Chris will be there representing the ICMJ)..... If'n we are to

talk about changes over the past years, keep in mind that I'm a Hoover Baby, Herbert

Hoover was president when I was born. There were many changes back then, my

diapers for an example. My mom diid all of the laundry using a scrubbing board,

heating the water over a wood stove, homemade lye soap and hanging out the clothes

to dry...

The Great Depression in the Copper Camp of Ely Nevada with the mines shut down;

bank failures throughout the Nation... Our Great Nation was rocked back on its heels

by a dreadful punch that makes this "recession" just a bump in the road... Next came

a horrible war WW-2, then Korea and "Nam... Today is no picnic, but our Nation is

strong and resiliant and we wll pull togethrer and come out stronger!.....

Nuf' said about the past. Lets focus on the fun things like the upcoming Pomona

GPAA gold show... So again I ask, what is known about the 2013 Pomona GPAA show?

Details anyone? Same as in the past? Just Asking... .

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Well... here I be with a tad more knowledge regarding the Pomona GPAA gold show:

I understand, but please let me say it is not offical... It will be at the Faireplex, 1011 W.

McKinley Avenue Pomona CA. 91768; Building 6. There will be no parking available

at Building 6 and those going to the show will need to park at designated lots. Naturally

there will be a fee to park and to enter the gold show. Anyone out there who can give

us more details please feel fee to do so. However at this date, the show is still several

months away... More details anyone... just asking...

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As I mentioned in my last post (October 25th above) my knowledge of the Pomona GPAA show is not official. According

to the information on numbered pg. 72 in the current Nov/Dec Gold Prospectors GPAA magazine the show is Hall E.

I do know if Hall E is part of Bldg 6 ... More Details anyone? Please?

Here's a link to the Fairplex's website and the scheduled GPAA show and it says that the event is to be in "Building 9".


" Jan12, 2013 - 13, 2013

Gold & Treasure Show

Location :Fairplex, Building 9

Gold Show Hours:

Saturday 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Sunday 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.

General Admission $5; Kids 12 and under are FREE!

  • See the latest and greatest in prospecting equipment from experienced dealers at the shows
  • See live demonstrations for many prospecting products
  • Learn the latest techniques from qualified prospectors during our lectures
  • Try your hand in the gold panning contest ($5.00 entry fee, winner takes a cash prize)
  • All Boy Scouts in uniform are free with a paid adult entry

For more information call 951-699-4749 or visit goldprospectors.org "

Here is an image and a link to the map of the Fairplex and it doesn't show a "Hall E" as mentioned on the GPAA website and magazine but does show "Building 9" as mentioned on the Fairplex's website.




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  • 1 month later...

Well here is update...I now understand the show will be in Hall E?.... Stuff happens to change the best of plans.

I now will miss the Saturday show... But I will be there all day Sunday.... I may be zipping around in my wheel

chair or in a booth. For those of you who will be at the show on Sunday and have a mind to look me up; just

ask around for me as I may be at Gembooks or the PLP, or Pedersen's Detectors booth.

We can talk of many things; especially the little known and considered worked out epithermal precious

metal placer deposits which are now being very succesfully worked with metal detectors; or on other subjects

of interest.

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