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This summer I was lucky to find a virgin patch or two.

One thing I really enjoy is sharing it.

And better still is when they find a good nugget.

So this summer several folks had the rare opportunity to hunt a virgin large nugget patch.

3 of them found there biggest nugget ever.

In this case not only did the person find his biggest it was also his first nugget with a detector!

just under an ounce @ .97 OZT


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Totally agree with your thoughts on sharing a patch with mates, and what a happy bugger he is, holding up one

of mother nature's treasures..

In my last Video posted i had found a small patch and took out 16 nuggets over a 20x20 foot area in 45 minutes, one of the mates (Pete)

saw me digging like a rabbit and came over with a cold brew for me.

So i handed over the patch and let Pete get a few, then Johno came over (singing bloke) and he had a go also and pulled the biggest

nugget he had found for 30 years just 20ft from where i left off.

The look on his face and the funny comment when he 1st saw it in his palm was priceless to me and better that he got it not me..


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  • Admin

Hey Chris,

That is awesome you shared your patch with a few others. Finding nugget patches is very hard, but after finding a few and getting all the gold for yourself, it's not as fun as sharing with a special friend or two. This is how a couple of my nuggethunting partners do it. I'm found good nuggets in my partners patches and he has done the same in some of my patches. It normally works out pretty well, but never perfectly even.

The only problem I have with this is if you find a good nugget, something that is like a lifetime find, it's hard to have someone match that. I found a few monsters in others patches, but some feel you must do the exact same, which is almost impossible for the most part.

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