Weekend gold nugget finds

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Hello All,

This last weekend I was pretty busy with field work and field instructions, but I was still able to swing the detector for a few hours. I found all four of these nuggets over two days of getting to poke around a few hours here and there. The very bottom nugget was found in an old pile, but the top three were found in a new spot that I need to get back and examine more. All the nuggets were found with a Minelab GPX 5000 metal detector and the new NF Advantage 14-inch EMZ elliptical mono searchcoil.

recentgold (800x600).jpg

I haven't had time to weight them, but guessing overall about 3 Dwt's.

Hope you enjoyed.

Rob Allison

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Nice score Rob, I know what its like only getting to rock for a few hours at a time :wacko: I was supposed to get out for 5 days this week but only a couple half dayers this week again. The spot I went to dredge that we were talking about was slow and muddy so i split to the northeast an hour for just under a oz in two days (all fine), but think the other will be killer during the thaw.

Great nuggets brother and hope to see ya soon!


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Sweet nuggets there Rob!

Glad you were able to break away and get some

solitude and swinging in. :)

One of these days im gonna find a Rich hill nugget :)

Tom H.

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