What does subtle gold signal sound like?

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Had fun on challenging quad ride today:

I forget which post Rob mentioned digging those subtle signals.

What does that sound like? Could you post a video?

I was in some hot rock area today and tried Enhance and different things to drop em down but it's just a noisy place.

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Hey Kelly,

Those real faint signals you're talking about sound "faint." LOL :P I will try to make a video this weekend, but it might be hard for the external speaker to pick up on it in a video. They sounds like a drop in the thresold, a very light signal. Some of my best nugget finds have been these type of signals that have been overlooked.

Hope this helps,

Rob Allison

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Sometimes too, they sound, not only faint, but they have a kind of warble in there too.

Man I wish I had thought to record some of the faint weird signals I have heard that turned

out to be gold, it is surprising.

One other note; the first time I heard a signal that was gold, a (now), friend told me if I could

hear the signal he had found, I could have it.

I detected the rough area he said it was in.

I could not hear it.

He took my detector and slowly moved it across the area he had told me to sweep

and there it was in my headphones. My first words: "THAT'S what it sounds like? You're kidding!"


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Hey bud, come on down to my area this week and we can go through you're machine settings and some different metals. It's been a while since I have shared my lunch with Chata, ha!

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I've dug some that started off sounding almost like a deep hotrock. The only reason I continued to dig was because the signal sounded the same from every direction and it got louder as I dug down. Your best bet is to dig any signal that sets your detector off until you know what it is.

My last decent sized nugget at depth started out as a really faint inverted signal that I thought was probably trash... Oh how wrong I was!


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Those really faint signals are not even like a normal target sound. They usually are a slight drop out in the threshold sound. Almost like what you would experience if you were using a DD and discrimination and the threshold blanks on a iron target. But it is nothing that abrupt.

Set your threshold on your machine, and just listen to it. Now take the volume control on your headphone and quickly turn it down then up again. That's what it's like sort of lie the threshold losing a slight amount of volume for a fraction of a second and then returning quickly back to normal. Usually taking 3 inches of dirt off the top will turn it into a normal soft wee woo target sound like you are use to hearing.


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Wow- thanks for all the tips guys. :)

So I shouldn't be jogging thru the fields? No tellin what nugz I've missed. :o

Actually, Chata & I have so much fun just bein out in the dirt it's no matter. Plus I'd weigh 400 lbs if the beeper didn't get me off the couch.

Justin, I got your jerky replacement weeks ago and it's waiting patiently in the back of the truck - long overdue I know ;)

I'll PM ya. OOPS- your mailbox is full.

Pete, Thanks for the vid and good luck out there!

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Went to West side of Greaterville. Beautiful morning.

Lotta hot rocks but I ignored most of the screamers and concentrated on other signals.

Would Deep-Fine Gold have signal dip or would it sound different in that mode?

Any idea what kinda car this is?


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In general Kelly sometimes a nugget will not even sound like a "bonafied" target sound.

Some start off leaving you thinking its just noisy ground.

You must move some dirt , rocks etc. to get another swing closer to the ground and see if the noise/signal is still there and if it keeps improving.

Don't be lazy and keep walking stop move some ground away and re swing.

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Thanks, Frank.

Several veteran prospectors have shared tips that I wasn't "ready to receive" at the time but, now that I've gotten the "jog thru fields swinging wild and digging all the screaming trash" out of my system, I can slow down and refine the technique.

I'm also reviewing Porter's 5000 vids- amazing what I'd forgotten.

That bullion is within my grasp! :)

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