Good times at Quartzsite

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Hey all:

Went out to Quartzsite for 3 days with a group of guys and friends.

It was a really good time out.

Couple of the guys I was hunting with got some nice gold. One got a really nice dink with his GB2 and the other got about a 4 pennyweight that looks like its ready to be made into a pendant.

I found some really nice trash! :) Cool rocks and a nice bottle......if anyone knows what it may be....let me know.

It is a box mold bottle with a (6... some odd symbol ... 9) printed on the bottom.

Probably some magic elixer to heal all ailements. Or make you into a stud! :P

The new RV was great...some minor problems on the way not charging!

But, we got home on the batteries, one headlight, and everything turned off.Reminded me of when I was a teen and couldnt afford a battery. :)

Was a great time out.....ran into some old friends and met some new ones.

Enjoy the pics

Tom H.

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Great pics! Love the copper rocks.

What is that stack of rocks?

That is called hand stacking.

The old timers would stack the rocks out of the wash on the side of a wash and make a wall like that.

Then they would throw thier overburden behind it.

After doing that they would work the wash with a drywasher.

Its a good sign when you looking for gold.....they didnt do that for nutten. :)

Tom H.

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name='frank c' timestamp='1351588888' post='66691']

Hey Tom, just noticed that pic with Pops in the kitchen.

Shows the metal track for the divider to slide on................. when thats closed does it mean "Kitchen is Closed" ??????? :blink::P;)

Frank, My bunk is in the background there and the partition is to keep prying eyes out. But you know kids, ever since they could they try to get into your bedroom. That's my morning look by the way, haven't had my coffee yet. I had a blast this year even though I could only get to beepen for a few hours. Doc said that if I took it easy it wouldn't be a problem, It has only been six weeks since the operation. Thanks for all the well wishes I got they mean a lot.

Did you see the little hole in the nuggie already made to hang from a chain around someone's neck.

Old Tom

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Yeah we had a great time togeather. Weather was a little warm on Sunday but 'what the hey'. Can't beat beepin and good fellowship at the campfire. You find out the darndest things about one another on these trips, Dennis snores almost as loud as me................... :closedeyes:

Old Tom

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