Got a few yesterday

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Hey all:

Got a chance to go out yesterday with the qaud and get back in the hills.

Do you know a quad can really beat up a 52 year old guy!

Anyhoo....didnt find anything in a wash I had hit before...figured the monsoons may have scrubbed it didnt.

Went to another wash and was able to pull a couple of little guys out.

Just under a gram .9

Good day out and im feeling it today! :)

Does anyone know anything about bullets? I found one that looks old by the way its shaped and has no jacket on it.

I dont think they put the groove on them anymore?


Tom H.

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Great going Tom! Nice and worn pieces looks like they have been rolling around for a bit, get back out there and find the rest!

I have been layed up with the flu for a solid week, hoping i feel better when the alarm goes off in the morning so I can get out there.


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