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For all of you that know my uncle Allen and have hunted with him and me. I just want to let you know his wife passed away today, about noon. Long battle with heath issues. Grubstake


Srry to hear about that. Will send a prayer up for them.

Tom H.

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Hey Grubstake,

You have all my families condolences and prayers during these times. I know between you and your Uncle things haven't been that great.

The good news is there is a far better place for all of us that believe in the Great Lord and I'm sure your Uncle's Wife is there now with the Great Lord smiling down on your both.

God Bless,

Rob Allison

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Your right Rob, she was Catholic, and did not go to church, but always liked the catholic medals I would find beach hunting. Atleast she is not in pain anymore, her last days, she really treated my Uncle Allen mean. Yelling and cussing him, just because he want her to go to the hospital. I guess people get like that when they are close to death.

I got the same way right after I had my 5X'S bypass, I was hurting so much, I didn't want anything or anyone around me. I just wanted to die, Lasted about two months, I just went to my heart DR. Thursday, by pass is working ok, but I've got so much heart tissue damage, fron 12 heart attacks, my heart is having a hard time expanding and contracting with the beats. Nothing they can do about the scar tissue, I told them no more surgery, for me. Just give me my morifine and let me go. And I have lots saved up, just incase. Grubstake

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Gary Ol' friend... Please give Allen my best wishes in this time of sorrow. I know it has been

tough on Allen to slowly see a loved one slowly fade away. It is not easy to stand by helpless

during this time. The stress that Allen has been undergoing hasn't been easy, but knowing

Allen, but just briefly, he is tough as I know you are too. My Prayers are with All... Jim

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