Great start to the new year

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Hey all:

Well, decided to start the new year off by detecting.

Dad and I went out to a wash and hiked back in 3/4 mile. Did some digging and detecting and didnt get squat.

So, I went about a half mile up a trib and still didnt get anything. Got to the end of the trib and hiked over to another on to work my way back down.

The area we were at is extreamly hard to hunt due to the hot rocks and minerals both in the dirt and in the bedrock.

I think I must have moved 500 hot rocks today!

About 3/4 the way down I get a screaming signal and figure its a piece of tin.

Scraped the surface and it moved. I get it in my spoon and lo and was the smaller of the two nuggets! It must have been blown over on the top of the other gravel. Nothing else in the I kept going down. About 100 yards from the mouth of the wash I hit the big square hot rock in the pic and kick it out of the way. Hmmm still have a signal under it. Faint though. So, I scrape and dig with the screwdriver and see a glimmer of gold. Yes! I thought it was just a dink because it was faint, but when I pulled it out of the dirt I was blown away. Nice big ol guy!

Total for the day was 4 grams.

Good Lord blessed us with some gold and started the new year right :)

Tom H.

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