Doc Announces All New Upgraded Charger for Gold Screamer

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While the Power 2000 Charger we have been using in our Gold Screamer Power package is a pretty good charger, it has not proven to always stand up to the rough handling given to it by the detecting community.

I have finally found a really good battery charging system. I knew this battery system existed because I have used it for years. The problem was, DigiPower had an exclusive retail distribution license with BEST BUY, and I could not buy them wholesale.

Fortunately, that distribution agreement finally expired and I was able to get the rights to distribute this charger to the detecting community.

They retail for $49.95 and we will be selling them for $45.

They will be included in all of the Gold Screamer packages from now on, at no additional charge.

One of the thing I love about this charger is that it is heavy in your hand, you can tell it is robust, but the other thing is the lighted visual LCD that actually shows you the charging progress of your battery.

It has both AC and DC charging capabilities. It does charge somewhat quicker, but the tagline "1 hour charger" is a bit misleading. It's 1 hour for each 100 milliamps. You can still assume that it will take about 40 minutes of charging time for each 1 hour of use. So if you use your battery for 8 hours, it will take about 6 hours or so to charge back up.

And be forewarned, in order to keep your battery secure in the charger while in use, put a rubber band around it to hold the battery in place to make good contact. All of these chargers are the same. They assume you are a video camera enthusiast, charging your video camera battery. They think you are sitting at home with this charger plugged into the wall, or plugged into your cigarette lighter plug while you sit on a peaceful serene mountain top somewhere videotaping the sun going down. They don't know you are some rough and tumble prospecting type, charging your battery while you drive 50 miles an hour down some bumpy old mining road.

Thanks! Rob has these available.


PS I just checked on Ebay and there are some screaming deals on these chargers on Ebay for some used ones, and even a couple of new ones. Just make sure that it is the one with the LCD readout, as some of them do not have that feature, and also that they have the 12 V charger cord as some of the used ones do not show the cord with the unit. For anyone that has a Gold Screamer Power Pack it couldn't hurt to have one of these cheap used Ebay ones as a backup or second charger. Just check with the seller to find out if there is any warranty and if they are refurbished. Personally I love refurbished stuff, great prices and the stuff always seems to work great.

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  • Admin

Hey Doc,

I received your new chargers and they work great. I love the LCD screen that shows how charged the batteries are, rather than a light that sometimes never turns Green. I had one battery I thought was bad, but after placing it on the new charger I was able to get it to fully charge.

I now have them listed on my online store for $45.00 if anyone needs the latest and greatest li-ion charger. Online store -

Take care,

Rob Allison

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Wow, talk about fast...ordered Friday and recieved today...thank you.

I have my first battery charging and I can see where the charge is and will know when the ccharge is full. I am in charging heaven, at last.

I never could be certain of the color of those blasted tiny yellow or red lights...I know I will like this charger...loads and loads.


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I bought 400 of them and I want to buy another 400, just because every time I find a truly great product it seems like they end up discontinuing the product. Fred glad this meets with your approval, like I said, I always knew this was the best charger out there, but I just was not able to get my hands on them until now. Doc

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