Heat - Ha ha haaaaa i love it

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Holy Cow Pete!

Thats a heck of a nice piece. :)

Way to go...looks like the heat is on for you guys. Were cold here in Az.

Love the video....F****** flies! LOL

Take care bud.

Tom H

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Nice chunks there Pete, heat sounds good I have 8 inches of snow on my Patch :( Great going mate ;)

Snow sounds unreal at the mo, havent seen snow since 98 hahaha but i still remember my hands nearly

freezing off while sluicing back then.

Would i be right by saying our autumn (fall) happens at the same time as the AZ spring ?


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"Good on ya, mate", as you Ozblokes would say. Here in the Mojave Desert we get such heat in the summertime, but right now the nighttime temps are in the high 20's F, so a bit of heat would be nice. Personally, I prefer beeping at 100F rather than 40F. Thanks for sharing, Pete. HH Jim

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