Hayfork Area

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Just curious if anyone has detected in the area. (Hayfork Creek) I live in Fortuna (In Humboldt County) and I am looking for the closest place to swing. Have had my Gold Bug 2 for half a year and was only able to use it in the field twice. Just wondering if you guys have any Ideas. Thanks Boys.


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I'm lookin for other places up here cause the only place I have been is quite a ride. Denny, Ca. The ghost town area. Just looking for a place adjacent to Humboldt county. Only but cherished find with the GB 2 was a button that I found near Foresthill that I googled and ended up being a button from the ole railroad company's in 1870. lol

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Ugs, Hayfork, hmmmmmmm. There is detectable gold at many locations in that area but most is private. What is not private is claimed. What is not private and not claimed is watched either by the locals or the cartels. You will be dealing with some really bad guys in that area. Some of the locals may let you on some ground but I would really watch where you are going. To be honest with you I would not spend any time there. I personally disarmed a claymore in the area a few years ago. There are many other areas of Trinity County that have better detecting possibilities and safer.

There are still many claims around but I will try and throw a few locations out for you.

Canyon Creek... Many pieces of BLM that are open. Much Forest Service ground open. Big gold to crumbs.

North Fork of the Trinity... Right at the bridge look up the North Fork and look to the left, West/Northwest, there are several hundred acres worth hunting on that big hill. Google it and you will see pits all over.

East Branch of the North Fork... go out the Todds Cabin road to the end. Walk across the creek and you are in the Wilderness area. Go upstream and there are hardrocks and placers all over. Check out Squaw Gulch, YellowJacket Creek, Indian Creek. Pits all over, big to small gold, old channel pits.

Go up the Hobo Gulch road and hike in a mile to Whites Creek. Go up the creek about a half mile and detect the bedrock.

New River Country... New Denny, nothing worth messing with. Go past New Denny and go to the trailheads. Go hiking up any one of them and you will start seeing mining areas. Good detectable gold along the main stem.

Manzanita Creek, hunt the bedrock.

Weaverville, go right behind the high school, I took a few pounds out of there. Should be something left. Over a thousand acres.

Go up Highway 3 out of Weaverville towards Trinity Center and look on Google you will see mining areas all over. Heavy gold.

North of Trinity Center is main pay of ancient channel, heavy gold and lots of it if you get into the right place. Big open country and plenty of areas to find places no one has been to.

This should keep you going for a bit, TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS

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I love ya Ray. :) I always respect what you say and I take it seriously. I trust you and will look at these other locations. I am itching to get out. I appreciate your wisdom brother, New area of California for me so it should be interesting. Don't wanna run into the Cartels. Had an incident with them prospecting Oregon and many ranchers have warned me in the Motherlode area about their operations. Too bad. Thanks for disarming that Claymore. Helps fools like me. Ran into some baby pot plants just north of Denny camouflaged into the bank. Thanks for the warning Ray.

Cmon Spring!

Ugs. Daniel.

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I have been to the bridge at the North Fork and looked at that hill. Bout a year ago when all I had was a sluice, shovel, and some pans. lol. Funny I thought it looked good,

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