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Hellow fellow gold enthusiasts,

I try to select a few small sample rocks when I am out and about to bring home.

Here are a few samples, one group is the black iron stones, the other some pitted rusted colored quartz, and last apitted

vuggy pc of quartz. Any thoughts on these rocks associated with gold or otherwise general thoughts on em? Each

group came from a separate area here in El Dorado county CA. Thanks, Gravelwasher


post-48829-0-07617700-1359178372_thumb.j post-48829-0-96172300-1359178405_thumb.j post-48829-0-62874800-1359178423_thumb.j

post-48829-0-60226600-1359178444_thumb.j post-48829-0-69108100-1359178470_thumb.j post-48829-0-95295100-1359178489_thumb.j

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Hello Border Boy and Desert Nuggets,

Glad I am not the only one bringing home the non gold rocks.

The larger pc in the first pic was interesting texture and seems to be a calcite center with stained quartz around it partially crystalized.

The second pic shows the rocks found at the same site with it in a small creek with lots of black sand and a sulfide smell in the general area, did a few

pans and even threw in a small sluice but no color. Thinking another trip with my detector my yield something as the gold may be spotty or still in vein.

Those black rocks I think may be iron stones or meteorites as they were found with a vlf and jump to a super magnet, all the other rocks in that area

had slight magnetism and consisted of granite quartz and some calcite. I was thinking maybe the granite was super heated and precipitated the iron

nuggets out, as lots of intrusive granite in the area along a fault line. I know of at least two detectorists that have found nice nuggets, one about 6.4

grams and plenty of sub gram pcs. Well that is my take on it by no means a geologist just my guess. Please feel free to correct or comment, thanks

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