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Just wanted to properly than everyone for the great trip this year to AZ... it was a fine one!!

Thanks to:

  • Mel and Bob in Congress
  • Rob A. and Dennis in Rich Hill
  • Border Boy somewhere south of Phoenix
  • ALL of you on the forum----(reading about your adventures keeps me fired up)


I enjoyed camping for the last 30 days with no complications or harassment. This was good therapy for me!

I got to really put some time on the, "Turdy Five Hundred," and a big thank you to Frank C. for bird-dogging it for me.

I really like it.

I was going to sell it when i got done with this trip, but it kinda grew on me...

It is deadly on the lead with either a "Little Joey" or even the "Big 20" Nuggetfinder---I was amazed the 20" NF was so sensitive... neither one of those coils left any lead in the ground!!!!!

Got to be in on probably the biggest find of my lifetime with BB's 4 ounce sluggo!!!

And i got to christen the 3500 with a "grammer" !!!

I have had 4 Minelabs and got gold with every one...GP,2100,4000,3500.... [i have had some good instructors.]

Thanks again,


i will try to get these pictures i have been resizing up.

I am over in a hotel in Corpus Cristi waiting on the rain to move out so i can hit the beach and see if I can put to use anything i have learned about detecting and find a big old ring or spanish doubloon...lolol

Love you all and God bless you this year!!!!!

PS i still cant send my pictures until i get my limit reset....Help Rob!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Admin

Hey Paul,

You're very welcome. Dennis and I enjoyed your company at the Hill. Glad you picked up a few pointers that might help you find that monster nugget!

Not sure why you can't post the pictures. My best guess is you need to go under your settings on the forum and delete some old pictures to allow you some more space. The forums only allow so much upload space for members and even the admin.

Talk with you soon,

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Glad you had a great trip! We hope you decide to keep your current Minelab for more than 3


Hahahahaha... well i decided to leave the turdy five in a safe place with Border Boy so i dont trade it off..... i would love to try the CTX3030 here, but for mnow the MXT is working.

Take care and let see some Mother Lode gold..

.PS Auburn VA called and wants to set up an interview....8 other vets in the running...

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I finally figured out how to do this without resizing and everything--- just posted a link to my google+ site where i upload all the pictures by syncing my comuter or phone to picassa.....

I dont have any size limit like this either--

here is the link--


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