Tow coil matt for GPX5000?

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hey guys as i live in australia for majority of the time i dont know much on whats available over here but i have seen something that looks really interesting and was wondering if anyone has used one of those tow coil matts for ATV's (quad bikes, 4 wheelers, atv's or whatever other names they have)

I know you can get a big coiltek coil and throw it on a board and tow that with a 5000 but i remember seeing a tow matt that was also a coil and this would cover the ground smoothly and not jump over rocks etc, this matt was flexible and the coil itself was built into the matt

The only problem was that the coil was made to work with one of there PI i had never heard of and cost around $4000....

So my question is; does anyone know if they have one of these flexible coil matts for towing that would work with the 5000 or could i buy one of these other tow matts and manipulate it to work with the 5000?

One of the problems i have with towing a coil on a board is that it constantly jumps over rocks etc and i doubt im getting the best depth i can

Any help would be appreciated

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I have seen those towing matts, but honestly think the would be worthless. How would you ground ballance? youre best bet is to look up woddy from detector mods he makes some realy big coils and you could build a cart with plastic weels like the one coiltek sells for there mother ship to tow it. But I dont think towing would be better than pushing a hand cart, its hard to listen for whisper signals that deep gold is known for when driving a quad and bumping youre coil a bunch.

Hope this helps

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Actually never thought of the big carbon fiber ones woody makes, thanks for that. Im not sure how you ground balance with those pads, just know that they are available so they must ground balance some how...worse comes to worse with two people you could raise and lower the pad i guess.

With my wife on the back of the atv with the headphones and a very quite exhaust you can fairly easily hear the signals, especially with a rooster booster or gold screamer kit and you dont get buggered pushing a cart around all day. I must note though that this set up is only ideal in a small % of times out in the field but it is a great option for people who are finding it hard to get around in old age etc(not that im getting old lol)

Just another toy thats all lol

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Dragging the mothership behind a quad is a great way to cover massive amounts of ground.

The Anti interference model is recommended so as to not pick up the ignition noise from the motor.

The DD in cancel works also, not as well as the AI.

Coiltek, does not sell a cart, that was Doc's Gold Scorpion.

Ground balance is easily done with the coil attached to the tow rig and standing behind the matt using with a pull rope attached to the matt edges.

Imagine tiring a rope to your bumper letting it lie limp on the ground then pulling on the free end, it lifts off the ground. Same method but with the coil in the middle.

Do a search on the Aussie forums about carbon coils…….

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Ground balance occurs normally with the machine in tracking. It might take a few feet for the mat to balance to the detector, but it balances all the same. The purpose of pumping your coil up and down to balance it is so that you are in balance with your first swing. But with the machine set in tracking the coil remains balanced.

To be honest, the best use of the Coiltek Mother Ship, or these tow mats, is when they are used in desert conditions like in Sudan, there isn't a bush nor a rock bigger than a peach pit to be found. John B. used the Coiltek very successfully on a Spanish Trail dig with the Univ of Arizona that took three

years. However the best way they found to use it was to place it on a mat, and actually rig it to a harness that they wore, and they just walked around pulling it.

The other successful use of mats seems to be in farm fields for meteorite hunting.


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Hi Carms ,Doc and All

I modified a 40x20 coiltech DD coil onto an anti static desk mat for meteorite hunting and hunting for Coronados camp site. Ground balance was easy just put it into tracking for a few feet them manual. I don't know how the newer digital minelabs work I like buttons and knobs. But on open ground this worked pretty good. There was some static when pulling behind a quad but really quiet when manually dragging it. Here's a link to a page from the hunt with pictures. Scrool down and you'll see a piece of coin I found. I believe it's the oldest coin ever found in Az pre 1516 .

This site is interesting reading and alot of fun and work in the field.Happy Huntin John B.

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I've seen 1 ad for a tow behind it was a video. The guy was in Az. and you could tell the area had been cleared of rocks and debris.He did find a nice slug down 6 inches and the nug was dirt free and shiney,very clean!


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