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so i have been pokin around the southern flank of the pasos for weeks now trying to find a fun, productive site to detect and drywash alittle to no avail. My question is i just want a spot that me, my wife and kids can go that i can find alittle and not trespass on someones claim. i see lots of white poles with colored tape on top out there, are these markers? is there a universal sign of possibly being on a claim, besides the owner chaseing me and my fam away lol. thanks

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Some of the clubs with claims in the area are: Prospectors Club of Southern CA (PCSC), Taft Prospectors, OC 49ers, West End Prospectors and I'm sure there are a few others. But I think you will find most productive areas are under claim and the best way will be to join a club. I believe a family membership to the PCSC is $40.00 plus a one time initiation fee. Other clubs charge different amounts but nothing outrageous.

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Hey Guys,

I've heard about and seen some really nice nuggets that have came from the El Paso's over the years from metal detectors. I would recommend joining one or several of those clubs and giving those gulches, benches and hillsides a run. Some pieces have been over a pound in weight! :o

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Highdesert.... I highly recomment you listen to Rob and join one of the prospecting associations... Over the

years large nuggets have been found in the El Paso range... Benson gulch has been noted for its past placer

finds. The PCSC's "Red Chispa" has been noted as a pretty good claim for many years. For 40 bucks you

can't go wrong...

Lucky Joe... I also recommend joining the PSCS. It is the "best bang for the buck." While I got your attention,

thanks for the "magnificent quest" remark in the newletter. I appreciate that coming from you (Sidebar:

Lucky Joe is a gold vacumn cleaner); and If'n anyone happens to have a copy of "3-hrs," check out the bottom

paragraph on pg. 52.

The (late) George Elwood, Juel, and I were pretty good friends over several years. George and I often hunted

together. George had a great knack of finding overtlooked placer patches in the Randsburg Quardrangle that were

originally associated with the many small epithermal placers that were associated with the early 1890 drywashers.

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