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I started a thread last week "Which detector is for me" to help me decide if I really needed the GPX5000, or would the GPX4800 be enough for my needs? I immediately received great feedback from members of this forum, and decided to take their advice and purchase a GPX5000.

I thought about what my basic needs for a used detector package and decided I wanted a newer one with a transferable warranty, I also really like Doc's Pocket Rocket pack, and I really wanted a 16" or 18" Coiltek or Nuggetfinder lightweight coil, and all this for a "good price".

So I prayed about this and the next morning "supafly136" had JUST posted his detector, which had only been used less than a month, with Doc's battery system and an 18" Nuggetfinder. I liked the price of $4900 and called Gerry and closed the deal.

But then I started wondering what I was doing. Gerry was visiting Arizona and was staying at a friend's house, and that was where I was to send my cashiers check, to his friends P.O. box. I tried to look up his friends name in the phone book but it was not listed. My mind started racing! Gerry seemed like a really nice guy, I felt I could trust him, but this was hard.

Then I thought about it another way: If I had any kind of trouble with getting my detector (use your imagination), what could I do? If it didn't show up, and I had to file a complaint, they would come and arrest me for stupidity! :spank:

Was I being unreasonable or paranoid in my concern?

Then I had realized that if I were to ask Gerry to FIRST send the detector to me (in Montana), and THEN send him my money, THAT would be crazy and unthinkable to ask, and yet what we were doing had the same risk. So no, I wasn't being "Unreasonable" or paranoid.


I needed a middleman, someone that Gerry and I could both trust! Rob Allison.

I then called Rob and Gerry, and explained to them my situation and graciously Rob agreed to close the deal for us and purchased Gerry's detector (Paid Gerry from his own funds), and then allowed me to purchase it from Rob who then sent it to me!

Years ago I bought my first detector from Rob, and since then he has continued to provide my detecting supplies. And I know that I am preaching to the choir when I say Rob is the BEST! He continues to go above and beyond to help others when there is a need! :)

Thank you Rob


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  • Admin

Hey Ray,

Thanks for the kind words. I'm just glad you were able to get a great detector while you were looking. I'm surprised Gerry put it up for sale, but when he brought it over he was excited to get back to Arizona, work his new claims and get another GPX 5000 from me when he returns.

Thanks for all your business and friendship Ray.

Rob Allison

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