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I have the original camo back pack that my 2100 came with and a monster cord and a new 6 volt battery. Rob helped me hotrod my machine a year ago with the gold screamer and the best coil out at that time.My gold take had been sluffing off on the old patches but I knew it was still there.The next 2 days I hit my favorite patch and paid for the mods plus some.

Hope someone out there has a real need for these items they're in excellent condition.


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Hey Mike,

I'm glad the Goldscreamer Power Pack (I think that is what you got) has helped increase your gold finds. Take it easy for a bit before you hit anymore patches! ;)

That's what it was Rob and A 14x9 coiltec Blitz and it's working good allthough it's on a little R&R right now.I'm going to try to make the LSD trip that Tom H invited me on March 1-3 won' stay all 3 days for that is my anniversary weekend 42 years.


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