While out Prospecting...........

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Man....thats biggen!
Im surprised as hard as that area has been hit that it was out there.

Are you going to sell it?

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ok now i feel a little dumb, it doesnt look like a meteorite or a speci...unless that darkish orange area...or area's are the gold? sorry i only hunt in Australia so i havnt seen something like that before...almost looks like granite

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Hey Frank,

Yep, those 500+ Grammers are rare now. About 10 years ago finding 100+ grammers were common, 500+ grammers rare, but one here and there and then every so often a 1000+ Grammer. A friend of mine spent 3 years camping at Gold Basin hunting 6 days a week. He collected over 60,000 Grams of the Gold Basin. I never seen so many pieces, but it filled several 2 gallons plastic containers and he sold a good portion of them in Quartzsite for cash money. He got hard up for cash about 2-3 years ago and called and said he would sell his last remaining shoe box full of Gold Basins for .30 cents a gram. I thought about it, probably should have done it.

Congrats on your find, big ones are tough to come by now.

Wishing you many more ....

Rob Allison

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Wow... Gonna get it sliced? Maybe some space gemstones? lol.. impressive

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Well if ya got a bunch.. I concur. Good job yet again.!


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Blake I don't know what is deemed "normal".

Small pieces are plentiful and inexpensive.

I researched a bunch of completed listings sold and found only a few 200 gmmrs. that ranged from 1.25 to 1.50 a gm.

Couldn't find any large pieces sold like this size. But it makes you think it would be a minium of 1.75 or so

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