Ultrasonic clearer

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The sad thing about them is you get what you pay for.... In other words there is no cheap great working units. I have great service from one I bought from www.riogrande.com. It's been working well for 6+ years. Heated units are great, but the ultrasonic action heats the cleaning solution anyway.

Another good place to keep an eye out for a used one is www.ottofrei.com. Look in their used tool section, and right now you can get 10% off the used tool price.

When you get one, you must use a basket and nor let stuff just sit on the bottom, that wears out the transducer very fast. A great cleaning solution for nuggets is simple, salt and white vinegar. Put nuggets in a baby food jar, cover them with non iodized salt then fill the jar to 3/4 full with white vinegar. Put a lid on it and then put in what ever general cleaning solution your keeping in it. An hour later the nuggets will be beautiful with no harsh chemicals used

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I use a harbor frieght 29.95 unit.

It does the job I use it on nuggets and also on our jewerly works fine.

Salt an vinegar as Eld says sometimes I use apple cider vinegar with the salt.

Been using Mr. Clean for a final luster on everything.

Also like Eld says use the basket that comes with them and a container inside the basket to keep items from laying on the bottom.

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