Gold Screamer Power Pack for SD / GP Machines

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I know I'm sorry. I watched it back when I got home before editing and thought, crap, I have watched way too many infomercials. I sound like that pitchman, Vince. But it was too late to tone it down. I love coming up with stuff that actually makes our hobby more fun. But wait, there's more, watch Vince:

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Oh, I would never stir the pot if given the chance. :blink: I have always been the one that pokes the bee hive with a stick just to see what will happen.


no need to be sorry...your excitment and commitment to your products is clear...i on the hand can not keep from a little stirring as an occasion presents itself...


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Hey Doc,

It's amazing how many don't know the Goldscreamer Power Pack is also built for the SD/GP series - 4 pin. I've had several customer ask, and I tell them you can get the Goldscreamer for the SD/GP and they are startled.

If you know a Minelab SD2100, SD2100v2, SD2200d, SD2200v2, GP Extreme, GP3000 or GP 3500 you can get the Goldscreamer Power Pack for any of these units. Just call us or order the 4-pin configuration through the online store.

If you want the GPX unit, make sure you order the 5-pin configuration.

It's an awesome, lightweight battery system if you don't own one already. You're missing out ....

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