In the Treasure Corner - Adios Andrew, Howdy Harriet!

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First, the powers-that-be decided it was past time to get a woman on our currency.

Their initial thought - Sacajawea on the ten-dollar bill.

But the public didn't want Sacajawea, they wanted Harriet Tubman.  

Okay, done.

And they didn't want to lose Alexander Hamilton on the ten, mainly because he's the star in a bizarre Broadway hit musical where our Founding Fathers sing his praise.  In rap and hip-hop, with lots of crazy dancing.  Like 1776 on steroids.

Hey, whatever works.  

So now it's Harriet Tubman on the twenty, with Andrew Jackson demoted to the back of the bill.  Hear the story:  http://thetreasurecorner.com

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