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dutch john

2011 Valley Prospectors Rendezvous

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Old dutch john here... Heads Up

The Annual 2011 Valley Prospectors Rendezvous will be held on October 21-22-23 this year. Same place and same schedule as last year. However the hunt will be bigger and better this year...

............ Contact

Lorraine Frost PH:760-868-6564.. e-mail

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:lol::lol: Come on folks... Those of you who are out there reading this post, please chime in...

I plan to attend the Saturday morning (10/22/2011) Metal Detector hunt. Check for the


For those of you who have attended earlier Valley

Rendezvous, you will find this year bigger and better. Our

Lorraine :) is a Grand event planner and has been working

hard getting prizes and even detectors to make this years Rendezvois a success...

Also, there are a lot more activites as the event is three

days... Friday, Saturday, and Sunday... Check out the hunt

flyer on Valley's net...

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:lol: Old dutch john here... I thank all of you folks... over 240 who have have read the

earlier posts on this tread. The 2011 Valley Prospectors Rendezvous is nearly upon

us. October 21-22-23 is nearly here. If you have any questions my first post gives

the Valley website and Lorraines phone number and email.

I plan on being there on Saturday morning before the hunt starts... Unfortunately I

have osteoarthrites in my right knee and hip... bone to bone, and will be in the hunt

but most likely with a walker... Just to be out there enjoying comradship and meeting

old friends and new ones, checking tailgate sales, and venor wares, is also as good

as finding tokens and coins... :D:) jim straight

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dutch john here... I have been pm'd several good questions which I will answer here:

The hunt will be on Saturday 10/22/2011. It will be at the Rancho Juraupa campground

(Crestmore Road off Mission Blvd, Riverside California) in the primitive area.

No you do not need to be a member to attend

The Hunt cost for everyone will be $20.00 Cash. Registration 7:30--- 9:30 AM.

It will be in the primitive area. Day Parking $2.00 per person.

The hunt will be from 10 to 10:50 AM... At 11:30 there will be a ticket drawing

for the grand prize a Garrett Ace 250 Metal Detector (Value $250) Also there

will tokens in the hunt that will be redeamed after the hunt.

For more information check the Valley Prospectors website.

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To answer a PM... Day Parking $2/per person. Yep pets are allowed for a dollor or more. Yep the primitive has potable water. Yep overnight camping in the primitive area is available at a reasonable fee, but no electical hookups.

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:):):) Howdy all... Just a last post about the Rendezvous... First I thank all of you

who have read this thread. Due to the economy putting on a seeded hunt can be iffy. However

Lorraine has been able to obtain a pretty good amount of "goodies" to add to the planted coins

as "tokens" to be redeamed after the hunt. And the Grand Prize as mentioned earlier will be

won by a ticket drawing and the tickets are limited to only those who enter the hunt.

The hunt fee is the same for all. $20 cash and you have time enter in the morning before the

hunt. I plan to be at the site by 8 am... which gives me plenty of time to enter the hunt...

And would like to meet all of you who will be there.... Good Times, Fellowship... Renewing old

friendships, meeting new friends and learning more fron others.

For anyone who either enters or is just a spectator... you will certainly enjoy thr festivities. And

for those brave :huh::unsure::blink: enough at dark, there will be the "Nightstalker" :ph34r: hunt... js

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:) Howdy Flak... to answer your post, the hunt went fine, and there were targets, both coins and tokens being retrieved to the end. Lorraine expected a few more members which meant more tokens for those in the hunt. The cois were great. Not only the usual clad, but also buffalo nickels, indian head and wheat pennies.

Best yet, for me, there were 20 small (10mm) gold coinss planted in the field and my first find was one of them. Unfortunately my right knee was acting up, so I left the field early... but I understand the gold coin weighs eight grains, so with the current value of gold I got my $20 enty fee back...

The weather was nice, no morning wind. The breakfast was pancakes and bacon, and the coffee really hit the spot. Best, was the fellowship and meeting others that I have not seen for sometime and meeting

new friends.... I look forward to the next year Rendezvous and hope I'm still be able to join in...

Everyone... thanks for reading this thread and those of you who were at the Rendezvous, thanks for your support... js

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