Thought I Found A Mexico 5 Centavo Coin Today

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I managed to get out and do some beeping today with my sweet Minelab 705. There is an empty lot that, the last time I saw it, had an old abandoned stone house on it. It's on a fairly busy street in town and I'd had my eye on it for over a year. I'd been dying to hit the lot when the house was there, so when I saw the empty lot yesterday, I knew i just had to get out there ASAP!

Today was my Friday off (I get one every 2 weeks), so about 10 AM I headed over and started beeping. My first few finds were newer pennies that rang up about 30 on the meter. Then I had a 40. WOOHOO! That usually means a pre-1982 penny, a newer dime or a wheatie! This was right at the base of an old tree. I got out my pinpointer, located the target, got it out and looked at it. Whoa! A tiny little Mexican 5 centavo coin. Cool! I kept on beeping and ended up digging a recent quarter, a couple of dimes and a few copper pennies. I did hit paydirt twice, though. I managed to find two wheat pennies a 1949D and a 1954D! Not too shabby for an hour at 97 degrees!

I got hot and thirsty, so i headed home. I got some water and an energy drink and decided to look at my 5 peso coin through my loupe. I rinsed it off and rubbed a bit of the dirt off, then took a close look. Hey, wait a minute! Why does this Mexican coin have English writing?? A bit more rubbing and careful scrubbing, and another close look through the loupe. Whoa! What the heck is a tax token? And from the state of New Mexico? And it's 5 mills, NOT 5 pesos! WHOAAA!! Way cool! I looked it up on Google and it's got a kind of neat history. Easy to find both a picture and a bit of history on it on Google. My camera doesn't take good closeups so no picture here. It's not worth a bunch, maybe $10 or so, but it's worth a lot more to me personally. :)

Sooooo, it's going into my box of cool beeper finds. It's definitely not my greatest find or my most expensive one, but it sure is one of my most unusual. :)



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