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The main northern streams and washes of Arizona (Lynx, Turkey and Wolf creek(s), Black Canyon, Salt river, Big Bug, etc.) are running “good” now due to the recent snow melt and "present"-run off(s); and should remain doing so for a few more months. And, this Sluice is setup and ready to stop and trap gold "Now".


--High Production hand sluice (10-times faster than panning).

--Wide flare (20”) for increased water flow.

--Longer than mini’s for greater capacity.

--Handle for balanced carrying.

--Size: 3ft. (actual sluice length) (x) 10” wide;....20” wide at Flare-end ) …...50 ½” overall length (x) 4” deep.

--weight is approx. 10 lbs.

--Heavy duty latches.

--Heavy Aluminum construction.

--"NOT" a fold up unit.

--Includes: sluice riffle tray, rubber classify screen (plus small roll of extra amount), and indoor / outdoor carpet (miner's moss—green, small roll of extra amount).

I am asking $125.00 .

I will accept “Cash Only”...No Trades.

I am located in Prescott Valley

PM me if interested.




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