GPX 5000 with Extra Coils

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Hi folks, sending my GPX 5000 to new home.. Here are the coils included: Coiltek 14x9 Blitz Mono, Coiltek 16" Round Mono, 8x6 Sadie. Minelab Commander 15x12 and 11 mono coil, Commander Double D coil, Doc's Screamer battery system with 3 batteries, the Minelab external battery, extra handle. I have the harness and battery cable but have to dig those out. Asking $2900 for all of it. The only coils I really ever used were the Blitz and Sadie. So the other coils were never used. Dont use the 5K much anymore so its taking up space.
I will let go of it for $2500 for the just the detector itself and the stock coils. (Minelab Commander 15x12 and 11 mono coil, Commander Double D coil).







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If its still for sale for $2,500  try calling me 1-508-432-7592 Some calls get thry and some don't Blocker problems. Frank Email is best.  I'm retired and just coin hunt everyday. Just need DD coils Tried contacting you on nugget shooters a few months back. Thanks Frank

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