Two Toe’s and the Gold Digger’s Epic Day !!!

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Two Toe’s and the Gold Digger’s

Epic Day 

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Ever wanted to Find Gold by Crevicing those Bedrock Cracks well stay tuned and watch how Two Toe's and the Gold Digger's do while using there Metal detectors to locate those elusive Gold Nuggets !!!!

The Boys from Flash in your Pan (Ed, Toledo Jess, and Dan-O ) head West to meet up with Gold Finding Legend Two Toe's !!!

Gary, Jeff, and Todd (Topcat) lead the way down the trail into the California Mother Lode to find Gold Nuggets as East Meets West.

The Guy's have Six Metal Detectors running down by the creek and it certainly pays off as the Nuggets keep popping out of those Crevice's !!!! Gary and Todd are running their Minelab SDC 2300's,and Ed and Dan-O are running their Minelab Equinox 800's. Toledo Jess is running a Minelab Gold Monster, and Jeff is running his vintage White's Gold Master V-Sat as it is 25 years old and still finding Gold !!!!!!

I try a little cold water sniping on targets found with Todd's water proof SDC 2300 see if I find anything besides 100's of 3 inch Trout !!!!!

Fire up those detector's and find a target then dig it !!!!

See who finds his first Gold Nuggets Ever. For me seeing how happy he was made my day he said it was worth the Hike !!!!!!

He even Faced time his wife back in Ohio from down on the creek he must have a good cellular carrier !!!!

A few things I will always remember from this day was watching Todd put up the American Flag as soon as we got to the creek and watching Ed jump up and down when he found his first Nugget of the day he was pretty happy !!!!

it was truly an epic day and with well over an Ounce of Gold being found by the group and each Miner finding at least one Nugget made it even more special !!!!!!

#Ounceday SG 026


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