Tim's 2022 North Yuba River Nugget Hunt : The Hunt for the Smallest Nugget

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Tim's 2022 North Yuba River Nugget Hunt : The Hunt for the Smallest Nugget

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The tribe has gathered for another year at the Forth annual Tim's North Yuba River Nugget Hunt .

It was Hot but the River was refreshing as the Prospectors searched for those elusive Gold Nuggets.

This Year a few of us were after the Smallest Nugget found with a Metal Detector. ( Rule # 1 Nugget Can't touch a Gold Pan )

Todd aka "Topcat" has often declared "It's not all about the gold.

" it's the people we share this day with that make it so much fun for everyone.

Follow along our journey into the happenings of Saturday July 30th 2022 at Tim's 2022 North Yuba River Nugget Hunt !!!

There were More prospectors in attendance this year than the other Three years combined ( Yes Bigger is Better ) and I know I didn't get pictures or Video of everyone as they came and went thoughtout the day.

Check out my other videos from the event ( A day in Pictures and Camp America ) There were plenty of Metal detector's running and Gold Pan's a panning and sluice boxes running and showing that Mother Yuba Gold dancing in the riffles. With it being as hot as it was we had a lot of Snipers this year it was a great time spending the day in the Mother lode with friends old and new, finding Gold and sharing stories it's a shame we only do this once a year !!!!!

This year we had The AU Twins  @Au Twins  from the Weather Channel's TV Show Frozen Gold at the dig !!! We also had ICMJ Magazine Chris Ralph  @Chris Ralph, Professional Prospector  hanging out for a bit.

Guess who found the most Gold this year ???? and the Biggest Nugget ???? and the Smallest Nugget ????

We Gathered together at the end of the day at Todd's and Dan-O's Camp America to see who would Win Tim's Gold and Camp America Shirts from Topcat

and many other prizes to see all the Winners you will have to watch Tim's Video @blueleadgoldproductions or my Camp America video. A great day I'm already looking forward to Next years hunt

2022 Nugget Hunt.jpg

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