Went to the Free way today

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Well I went very early today, left at 5am, wanted to avoid the traffic :lol: and the heat. We went into 3 digits yesterday and we are expected to go into 3 today. that means the mining is going to be good. Anyway back to my story. Keninla P.M.ed me last nite to let me know that we had quite a few visitors Sunday. Went out today to check out the area, ran into 3 jeeps going up, 2 at the mine and when I left there were 2 more coming up. Claimed to be lookie loues :o They had no equipment with them so I was very nice but did ask why they were up there at 5:30 in the morning? Answer, wanted to beat the heat. Go figure. I will be going out Weds. to work so I will have a complete update for all to enjoy, that is if your care to know how hard it wll be to remove overburden from the top and bottom. Couldn't talk the lookie loues into doing it for me. :lol:

Bob B)

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Hi 29,

Maybe you should start charging admission, no free lesson's.

Bob T.

I think you maybe right. Let the lookie-loues do all the heavy work, give them a little bottle with a few small flakes and shoot I'm in business as a teacher. :lol: You know the old saying, " if it's to good to be true, it probably isn't", Thats where I live most of the time. :( I really don't mind people looking around, its when they set up equipment that gets to me. :angry: I guess the gold linning to this is, 1. All my tailings have been re-run at least 3 times, 2. Scanned with the metal detector as well as the hole and 3. I've 3-4 foot of overburden lying in the bottom of the hole. So if they want to hi-grade me, more power to them. At least I'd get the hole cleaned out. :lol:

Bob B)

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i agree with Colorado Bob. let em all come up and set it up to charge 10 and hour to learn what end of the shovel to dig with. 20 an hour to learn to drywash and so on. Just let em high grade it for you. They should let you have all the gold they find after all they are there for the "education". It's all in how you market it. :lol:


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