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Hello all. Just wanted to post a quick note and ask that you all pray for those who have lost homes. I have 4 friends who have lost evertything. Below is a short news clip. All you in the Vegas area, We are truly sorry about the smoke. The Whitewater fire is also burn north/northeast and the firefighters are trying to keep it from connecting to the ridgeline fire.

New Report:

At last report, the fire has burned 36,000+ acres. Now, a new fire is burning in the San Bernadino National Forest and evacuations are underway in the Anza area.


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hey there's no reason to apologize for the smoke, it's really out of your hands. I mean if God hadn't planned on this, lightning wouldn't have hit the area and pioneertown.

Dang, now whitewater's burning too?

Greenhouse gas outpaces cow methane.

what next?

Bark beetles have really done a number on Big Bear and Idlylwild. they're probably on the verge of another evac too.

And the old bar in Pioneertown was just nearly restored- movie pics, stars, clips and collectibles, only 2 weeks to go, and now burnt to a crisp. Hill country is tough when a fire hits, not exactly flat like yucca valley.

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