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hi all has any of you ever used one of these ? i did some googleing after i found one at a sale and they have quite a history. im going to play with it some in the field . heres a pic of it please no wise cracks about the dip in the other picture,ha!

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Hi tool,

The dip needle DOES have an interesting history.

Here is a link to a company that makes one just like yours.


Follow the instructions to the end and find out just

how much of a good deal you got!

I have a commercial model, instead of the ring, mine has a

telescoping handle, used for locating pipes.

Hope this helps!


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ANOTHER DOWSING INSTRUMENT... $3000 seems a bit high

The needles I had purchased were more like crochet eye hooks, clipped off, forming half round notched ends. It took two people to work these (priests, usually), and led to more accurate locations, as both users had to remain focused and concentrated while using them.

One can get these out of Mexico; Cal-Gold used to sellthem too. about $15

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3000$ holys$$$ i hope the lady i bought it from dont see that ,this is perfect cond. i think i ended up givin 50$ for it. it was made by brillisour&moline in lyons,ill. i found it from sale in mo. thanks for the info guys!

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