3 Days on the back side of Desert

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Good morning everyone. The old 29 Prospector has been quite lately but I did spend some time(3days) on the dark side of the moon :lol::lol: .

Went and checked out a new spot and it shows some promise.

SDF, thanks for getting that charger to me by Friday. Did'nt get a chance to play with it but I do intend to return and work the area a little better and get to know the Extreme.


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29er when did you get that Extreme. Seems like just yesterday you were talking about it.

1 dredger,

I got it last week from sdf. He made me a deal that I could not refuse. It's going to get some getting us to. I'm in tune with my GB2 that I have to start over. I was planning on waiting for awhile simplely because of money, but sdf made me an offer to me after I used it that one day. Had to think about it for a while, but not to long.


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