GPAA and LDMA sold?

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Hi, fellow gold nuts! I've been busy with everything-except-prospecting, so I've only been lurking for a while.

Anyway, I just got an email that GPAA and LDMA have been sold, albeit to a family member, and they may suspend paid membership operations.

I really hope things aren't all shutting down at Duesenberg; I was planning to visit the PCSC claims in that area in the next month, and hoped to meet some of the LDMA folk.

Here is a link to more on the story, from the place I heard it from.

Does anyone have solid info on this?


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I seriously doubt there is anything to fret over. I do not think they can say it any louder than this from the article, "We are pleased that Tom Massie will be able to maintain the long heritage of the Massie family with GPAA and LDMA. Both of these organizations will always remain, in spirit, a part of our company, and we wish Tom and the employees the greatest success in their future."

Outdoor Channel is selling those two orginizations back to the Massie Family, That's all.

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I have a different take on this after reading the article. I think Tom and Perry are parting ways. Their mom is gone, there is nothing left to hold them together. The line "we wish Tom and the employees (of the membership division) the greatest success in their future" kind of tells the story.

The organization is selling the membership division to Tom, which means the remaining part, the TV channels, will be controlled by Perry. My guess is that Tom is paying for the transaction by selling his part ownership of the TV Channels - Its not like Tom has 3.6 million lying around. You rarely see them together, I think this is kind of a settlement that allows each of them to be in charge of a part of the Buzzard's old empire.

I've always had about 10 times more respect for Perry, so I think its good news for the outdoor channel, maybe not so good news for the GPAA and LDMA. Tom always seems like he's a few bricks short of a full load.


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After the dust settles it appears that Tom And Perry still own The Outdoor Channel (39% between them) . Tom may have saved the club from a quick death . Follow my logic . The OC is worth boo coo bucks and would be a prize possession for some media empire . The numbers that I have heard are quite high . Assuming that there is a sale in the near future it is highly possible that whoever buys it will consider the Club as so much "yesterdays newspaper". The Club sold for several million . The OC would sell for a bunch more . Like buying the car you want and finding an old jacket that does not fit you laying in the trunk . Giving it away or throwing it away does in no way diminish the car . Someone could have very easily bought the OC and just "dropped" the Club and walked away happy . Now I would think that Tom is more prospecting orientated than Perry . I can see Tom running the Club as a business that supports his love of prospecting while Perry finds "other" things to do . Time will tell .

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