Happy Sunday LSD Nugget

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:rolleyes: Yo All...As most of you know I've been down and out with lower spine stuff...It sucks majorly...But I can't stand staying home when the weather is a perfect 98, leaving LSD pretty much to me own self....

So late today (Sunday) I zipped out to my newly found "No Shoulders" Patch, that the rattler led me into, where it's pretty easy hunting and right on the road at LSD...Already found abut 1/4 Oz. there in three nuggets and still feel there's more deeper....\

There are definitely old workings but my beeping is proving they stopped short of the larger pieces...Today's find is one more example...It shows a different kind of influence on the gold...More like early creek or river, then lying in the desert...Definitely water worn, followed by just settling down with wind and earth movements for its shape...Ya just can't beat these desert worn AZ nuggets...A whole different breed of gold...

So below is today's find, 3 grams plus ( about 2 DWT), found down about 12" with my sd2100 and 14" NFE mono, also shown together with all the total 9 grams I've plucked from my new spot in the last week or so...This is a very much suprising spot...It just doesn'tl look like gold shoud be here!!!

Cheers, Yer Happy, Hobblin' Around, Unc in the Dubyah...

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