Antique Find and some background research

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Yo All...With all the gullywashing that hit the LSD area this past week I decided to get out and recheck a patch that's been very good to me but nada zilch for the last two years...I've pulled a few ounces out of it a few years back, including a 1.1 ounce beauty....It is a bugger getting back up into the gold area of this gulch, especially now that the wall of water pushed rocks up in to large piles and moved the sand on downstream...The way this gulch has been, I've found more gold targets than trash, which is highly unusual, but, as I said, this is a hard place to get into...So when I get a good target, the old heart really gets to racing....

I worked my way up the wash slowly for about 2,000 feet without a target...Deciding that the flash flood really hadn't exposed much new, I turned around and started working my way back down on th opposite side I'd followed going up...I was down the gulch about half way and suddenly my old sd2100 gave a mellow tone that sounded for sure like a nugget with a little depth on it...It certainly didn't sound ferrous...Down about 10" and the target was out of the hole...It was easy to find in my scoop...At first I thought it was a zipper handle thingy...But closer inspection showed it to be some sort of brass with GOLD flakes on it...After rubbing it a little bit, I could make out word and numbers...On the bottom it said "Boston Garter" and up higher it said "Velvet Grip"...Then on other parts it had patent dates, One of December 13, 1892 and another of December 31, 1895 ...

So I got it home and cleaned it up better...It very clearly has gold plate on it, but most was rubbed off...Today I started researching it and discovered that Boston Garter was an apparently upscale brand of men's sock garter, back before there was elastic...But the coolest thing is that it is one of the first companies to create and give away baseball cards ... Some of those cards, Ty Cobb, for example, today are worth upwards of $30,000...The best I can figure out is that this cool old relic was used and probably lost between 1912 and 1920 ... Any how, here's some photos of my find, together with what it looked like orignially as well as a sample of some of the "Boston Garter" baseball cards... Almost as good as a big nugget...Cheers, Yer Unc in the Dubyah

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