AMDA 2007 Rendezvous

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Howdy COLORADO BOB... My Best to You and Yours...

Laughlin... October 26-27-28. Last year there were a number of the

various AZ- forum members there. It was timed out on this forum

so I just made a small attempt to revive it...

For more information call Bernard Grabowski (916) 635-6854, his e-mail

is <> And the entry form and flyer is available

from AMDA website <>

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Pondman... there was a lively group from the various "AZ-forums"

there last year... They vacuumed up the good stuff fast and furious... Ya'

better get in training to even find one coin... I'm now older and slower.

If'n anyone knocks me down in the rush, I hope they stop long enough

to stand me up and point me down the field.

(Colorado Bob: There used to be a number of full timers drinking coffee

at Quartzsite McDonalds... finding gold around the Dome Rock offramp.

Good memories.)

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dutch john,

Thanks for the helpful info..

Some of the guys still hang out McD's, Glen, John and a few more.

One can usually get his morning dose of B/S as well as daily inspiration from the show and tell guys. They always have something new to show.


If I can make it I'm going to give it my best shot. Used to do a lot of comp. hunts.

Hope you pros leave a few for me and my old 20 year old Tesoro Eldorado. I can't knock it, it's been awful good to me in past contest's.

Hope to see you guys there.

Bob T.

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Colorado Bob... Back about 1982-85 Middle Camp was good. The detectors were

more primitive.

"Pieter" was busy... in March 1984 he really did great... about a double handful

of eluvial placer with his Garrett Australian.

Good that there is still a small group holding down the fort at "Mac's." They are

are the best.

As you know... nothing wrong in using your Tesoro Eldorado... it will strut its

stuff... the targets will be just under the dirt. Easy digg'n as the planters needed

to first plant it. My "Bad" is using different machines which I'm not really familiar

with. I have not decided which one I will struggle with.

Some of the participants are very competitive, I keep out of the way. Covering a

lot of ground per swing and quick pinpointing is essentual... Unfortunately, I now

need to use a light-weight detector... a pole mount...

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Colorado Bob My buddy uses a Tesoro Compadre and does ok. It's not the price or age of the detector, It's the operator and what goes under the coil. Besides' I am like Jim and go there to have a good time and if I don't get a who lot it gives me a lousy reason to grumble later. It's not like you are going to get rich anyway. Hope to see you there or maybe at Rich Hill if you are going to be at the pushes. Jerry

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Pondmn... I spent some of today at the Beach with the "Westcoasters."

Members of this group are well known "planted" (so called "competition")

hunters. Some can really vacumn up the good stuff... coins and tokens.

They thrive on these events... many use older White's detectors with a "Bigfoot."

You saw some of them in action at the Westcoaster's Rendezvous. Several

will be at Laughlin...

"Low end" turn-on-and-go detectors can do well in a "planted hunt." What is

important, to quickly pinpoint and dig the targets without wasting time on

the trash.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Well... everybody... time is short... Gloria and I will drive there Saturday morning.

We are staying at the the River Palms (0r whatever it is called) Sat. night. The Sunday

shootout and returning home after the Sunday event... Monday we will be the main

"sitters" for our oldest great-granddaughter, Bella, now five.

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