quartzite gold

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to the gentleman that wanted to know where i seen the gold was on hwy95 about 5 miles north of town on the rigfht side of the highway by where everyone is camping and detecting if your close by you may wana drive out youl see the area..the ole man said this was free for anyone to detect...also many are getting gold up the highway east of town..hope this helps

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Hi whats4supper, I was just razzin oakwoodcutter :rolleyes: (Newbie). He could be on to something?. One of the first things that came to mind when oakwoodcutter said north of town was indian reservation. But I should tell you I've hunted over there around Quartzite for years and some of the best ground left over there (from what Ive heard) is on indian (land) reservation, (north of town). But what most people don't understand is if you break the law on reservation and get caught your are subject to indian law. and basicly tresspassing generaly does't set well with them. The only police (besides indian cops)that have jurisdiction on indian land are federal marshals and you dont get a free phone call either. :huh: I've been told that Technically they can hold you in their jails indefinitely. :unsure: Similar to Bushes policy on terrorists or Mexico. if their out of the country their not subject to U.S. law or privileges. Indian reservations within the U.S.A. are

A nation within a nation

This is a hot topic currently being debated in several courts.

I'm not trying to turn this into a big political debate. I dont see this subject come up very often and there are a lot of reservations around the U.S. I just thought other prospectors should take hunting on indian land seriously and with out permission can be a big mistake. Take care all, AzNuggetBob

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