Well if i'm right I found this interesting

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12 gauge shogun head, the head stamp is UMC Co. Union,


(1867-1911. Combined with Remington to form REM-UMC from 1911-1934. 1934 bought out by Dupont to form Remington Arms Co., as it still stands today)

Nice learning a bit about history when finding these relics.

A long with that I got a bunch of square nails which date up to the middle of the 1800's. After the mid 1800's With the hand-forged nail, all four sides are tapered. With the cut nail, two sides are parallel because they represent the thickness of the plate they were sheared from.

I stand to be corrected if anyone knows more or something different.

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cool isnt it Vini (learning about history!!)You will find hundred s of those shotgun shells the more you hunt.I never used to pay a whole lot of attention to them but I started noticing all the different brands I have probably fifty+different types and brands.The site I am presently hunting is producing alot of the brass 10 guage cases and 12 guage marked U.S.I am really into aging sites and pay attention to all the little things as indicators,I didnt know that about the nails though.

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