Just a little something to stir up the pot.

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Well... Now I will be able to sleep as I will be wondering all night

about it.... Sandtrap... put the coffee pot on... and we can stir it with both

cream and sugar or take it black

As you know, Henry Ford made various automobiles. The Model

A" in 1903 and then a B.C, D, H and so on, until the famous Model T

in 1909... Over 10,000,000 were made. It was by then outdated and

obsolete by other manufactures standards... He stopped making the

model T in 1927 and tooled up to regain sales.

In 1929 he started over with the Model A until 1932, then a B, then C...

Then he made the V-8, and kept going great until the Edsel, which was a minor

set back... Ford motors is still going after 100 years.

My "pot stiring" guess is Minelab stopped with the 4500 and has jumped to the 5500.

It will be a Wizzz bang detector...

Jennifer... My Best... {KE6CYJ}... to dumb to learn code

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Well she dropped a huge hint about the origins of the pic... I'm certainly no expert at Adobe Photoshop (I'm a CAD guy) but I would imagine black text with a white background would be really easy to manipulate in a picture using it. :blink:


I love Photoshop..... (ok, I deserve it.. go ahead --->>>> :spank: )

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Morning Jennifer: I find it very interesting you have in hand a new 5500 when dealers like Rob have recently stated, to the best of my knowledge, they had no idea when MineLab would have a new CPX machine in production. So what's the deal Lucile (No offense intended Jennifer)!!


The deal Bandana Dana is Photoshop....

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