Today's W.Meteorite Score ... Yay

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Nice one Ron, Im not going to guess on the type but I think its a keeper. :) AzNuggetBob

all right I'll go as far as to say H class Iron nickel. :D

Ron it has a few freckles, the chondrules look fairly small. It could be an L class? :)

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Yo Bob...It's my 7th Wickenburg L6 .... Screams on my ol' Baboo sd2100 and is very magnetic...No streak ...

By the way, do you ever do work on detectors? ... I think my pots on ol' Baboo need changing out ... I am no good with a soldering gun...Usually screw things up, burn myself and other things ... I'll happily pay your going rate for such work...Thanks, Cheers, Ron

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Hey Ron I was writing some experiments a few years ago on doing specific gravity tests to determine iron nickel meteorite types and chondrites. I dont remember the math right off hand but If I find the papers I'll post it, Its an interesting concept. AzNuggetBob

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Hey Ron Ive got most the parts for your tuner and balance pots, Im one pot short. one pot short of a complete overhaul somehow I find some humor in that. :D I can get them their just getting pricey these days.I'll pm you. AzNuggetBob

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