bado1... jim straight here

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bado1... Anyone... Since Bill updated his Nuggetshooter forum, I've not been able to

access it... My old dialup program cannot open the forum...

Tonight I got a message that I had a message on Bill's Nuggetshooter forum from

bado1. It was a question about the Minelab FT-16000.

I hope Rob doesn't mind that I'm trying to let bado1 know I'm not ignoring the

message... hope he posts/reads on this forum...

My Message to bado1:

Please send me an email "Jim Straight" <>

and I'll catch it and read it and answer as best as I can....

I field tested a protype FT-16000 for Western & Eastern Treasures in Northern

Nevada; Ryepatch (section seventeen) and also at Sawtooth. Gosh, this was back

about 1992. After the test I returned the FT-16000 back to Minelab.

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