Those Old Treasure Magazines

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I'm going through my old magazines, hundreds of them dating back to 1969, noting what stories are in what issues because I plan on selling them.

I'm having a ball!

Old treasure magazine ads are fascinating, and they let you trace the history of the metal detector, from BFOs to TRs to TR-Discriminators to VLF to TR/VLF - each in turn being touted as the greatest detectors ever! And many of the brands are long gone.

You old-timers will remember Jetco, Relco, D-Tex, Gardiner, Gold Mountain, A.H Pro, Daytona, Compass (sob), and C&G with their cat-family names: Bobcat, Lynx, Wildcat, and Tomcat.

And the stories! Lost mines, sunken ships, buried robbery loot, ghost towns, and lots of people dying (naturally, or by the rope) before revealing where they hid their treasures....

Who needs modern-day thriller novels when we have these (perhaps) true stories to enjoy?

My latest podcast (internet radio show you can listen to on your computer anytime) is about old magazines. Listen by clicking the pink button at this site:

---Dan Hughes

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